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Wendy Case

A dedicated teacher as well as performer, Wendy Case has been actively involved in training the next generation of violinists for over fourteen years.  Her current teaching projects include two seminars, the first involving a series of short masterclasses on Physics and Advanced Violin Technique, a modern violin technique for professionals and advanced violinists informed by the principles of acoustical physics, and the second, a brief course on Teaching from the Right Side of the Brain, a guide to supervising the training of exceptionally talented students without compromising their individual musical voice.   In November 2016 Ms. Case released the premiere recording of Joshua Rodriguez’s Sonata No. 1 for violin and piano in addition to Schubert’s beloved three Sonatinas for Violin and Piano. 

Wendy Case is the violinist of the Brahms' Ghost Piano Trio. She performs frequently with various chamber ensembles, the Rochester Philharmonic, and the Erie Philharmonic, where she holds a tenured post as Assistant Principal Second Violin. Her studies include degrees from the University of Michigan, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Stony Brook University.